Annual Monetary Studies Conference

The Annual Monetary Studies Conference is the oldest and best established academic conference of economists in the Caribbean. Since its establishment in 1968 it has generated an impressive catalogue of economic research. Each year the conference attracts two dozen or more presentations dealing with an array of pertinent macroeconomic issues. All the past and current conference proceedings are on our website.

Caribbean Business Executive Seminar

The Caribbean Business Executive Seminar was discontinued in 2013. This seminar provided information and analysis that private financial institutions found helpful in budgeting and planning for the development of their marketing strategies and future operations. The seminars dealt with topical issues and feature distinguished regional and international presenters.

Biennial International Business, Banking & Finance Conference

During the period 2009-2013 the Caribbean Center for Money and Finance, the Department of Management Studies and Sir Arthur Lewis Institute of Social and Economic Studies jointly hosted the Biennial International Business, Banking & Finance Conference. This conference served as a forum for the exchange of ideas on critical business, banking and financial issues facing emerging economies.

Past conference presentations are hosted on the University of the West Indies website and on CERT’s youtube site . The videos can be accessed through the links provided.


Selected material from various workshops hosted to facilitate training and coordination among the region’s Central Banks and Finance professionals are available for public education.