Aruba. Centrale Bank von Aruba

Bahamas. Central Bank of Bahamas

Barbados. Central Bank of Barbados

Belize. Central Bank of Belize

Eastern Caribbean. Eastern Caribbean Central Bank


  • Current Monetary Statistics
  • Publications Index
    • Annual Report from 2001/2
    • Annual Financial Statistical Yearbook from 2003
    • Balance of payments from 2001
    • National Accounts from 2000
    • Commercial Bank Statistics from 2001
    • Economic & Financial Review from 2000

Guyana. Bank of Guyana

Gives current exchange rates, and links to recent publications.


  • Annual report (from 2001)
  • Half year report (from 2003)
  • Statistical Bulletin
  • Quarterly Report and Statistical Bulletin (from 2004)
  • Statistical Abstract (from 2005)

Statistical Tables:

Haiti. Banque de la Republique d’Haiti

  • Economic and Financial Indicators: Monthly from 2000
  • Statistical Bulletin from October 1996
  • Annual Report, from 1998

Jamaica. Bank of Jamaica

For monthly inflation rates, the day’s exchange rates, news and links to current publications

Netherlands Antilles. Bank van de Nederlandse Antillen

Suriname. Centrale Bank van Suriname

Trinidad and Tobago. Central Bank of Trinidad and Tobago